Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

There is a lot going on in the marketing world. Back in the good old days all you really had to worry about was placing a yellow page ad and having a brochure. A few years ago you added a website to that mix. Now you have Facebook, Twitter, email marketing, Search...

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Attracting the Right Type of Attention

As small business owners, we all know the difference between positive attention and negative attention, right? So how do you attract the right kind of attention through inbound marketing to get new customers? In this blog we’re going to tell you how in three simple...

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The Epic Creative Story

We get lots of questions about how Epic Creative was started.  Here is our story. Small businesses are awesome.  We want to help them achieve the ultimate awesomeness. Thus Epic Creative was born in January of 2012, to do just that. We saw a niche in the market, that...

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Radio Silence…What’s New With Us

You may have noticed, we’ve been a bit silent on our blog for the past month.  No excuses, we know, but we’ve been busy with quite a few neat things.  Here is what has been keeping us hard at work: New website. You may have heard the adage about the cobbler’s children...

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Why We Love Small Businesses

We’re in business to make small businesses stand out. Time and time again, we’ve been asked the same question, “Why small businesses? Isn’t there more money, power and prestige with large businesses?” Maybe. But, if we were in business for more money, power and...

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Getting Started With Digital Marketing

Let’s face it – now, more than ever, it’s essential for businesses to have a digital presence. This year, Nielsen came out with a report that included the following statistic: Adult U.S. citizens spend 11 hours a day using some form of electronic media. From smart...

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